Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Before we go further, I
thought you may wanna know me. Not that it's important to what am about to tell
you but just so we can familiarize a bit and get to know each other. Well, that
said , am just another regular guy just like any other cool dude you meet out
there on the internet but unlike most Nigerians, i try as much as possible to use my God given
talent to make a fortune for myself. Recently, i have carved out a niche for
myself in the world of internet marketing and online business. By recently, i
don’t mean that am new into the system but recently i have found a lot of cool
stuffs that just works out of the box and stress free that even an idiot can make cool money with
any of my systems. On this blog, it’s strictly VFL (Virtual Football league).
That brings me to the main aim and objective of creating this blog. A friend once
said that when you have the knowledge but don’t share, you just know it, but
when you share, you are a god. That’s exactly what am doing here. there's no
point hording this knowledge to myself while i have an avenue to share it to
good Nigerians who are willing to move to the top and break the gins of poverty
in their life. Enough of the stories, lets get down to business. With my VFL
Profit system, you are going to need the following vital materials.

  1.  My VFL Profit EBook

  2. A computer and internet connection (It can be

  3. personal or in a cyber café. NB: I said computer and not your mobile phone
    except phones that supports flash player.)
  4. A deposit into your Nairabet account which I

  5. will show you how.
  6. A bank account that you can withdraw with (This

  7. should be the same name with the one you used to register on Nairabet site.)
  8. No Greed. This is not a material but a vital

  9. ingredient for your success in this business.

    If you have all the requirements aside the EBook which I
    will tell you how to get, let’s move on. If not, make sure you complete them
    before we go ahead.


            First things first, you need to register and verify an account with one
    of the book makers. My choice for those that want to use Nigerian bookmakers is
    NairaBet. You can click HERE to register an account with them.This is getting to a very long article and we are not here to only
    read, but we are here to make some cool cash. Now before that, let’s quickly
    take a look at what VFL is all about and what you stand to get if you get this
    awesome VFL profit System from me.

    What is VFL(Virtual Football League)
    Now a lot of you are already conversant with the normal
    weekend and mid-week way of betting on the conventional English clubs and its
    counterparts. What you may not know is that you don’t have to wait till weekend
    before you can stake and win even though you can still do that but why risk it when there is a better and more efficient way to make the same or even
    better amount at any time of the day. VFL Betting is a system that allows you
    bet/stake on matches automatically simulated by the computer. On this kind of system,
    the computer plays the match while you stake and win. The outcome are already
    pre-determined, you just have to follow my system and determine the matches to
    play and you will be smiling to the bank just like me and other people using
    this system. In the nairabet vfl system which is the one we are going to use,
    there are a total of 16 clubs and each of this clubs will play a total of 30
    games in a season and a season lasts for only 90 minutes. See? That’s just how
    easy it is to stake and win. A match lasts for 3 minutes and you can play as
    many as 16 seasons in a day and the good thing is that once you in, the payment
    is instant and you don’t have to wait to withdraw your earnings. For a preview
    of how vfl looks like, you can visit

    How Does My System Come into The Picture?
    Now without a system like mine, betting on vfl will only be
    a game of chance and luck which can make one lose a lot of money in just minutes.
    Here are a few things you will gain using my system.

    •  A full introduction to Virtual Football System

    • (Everything you need to know).
    • A very powerful formula that shows you the

    • outcome of the next matches (always works)
    • Steps on how to spot great odds from 10 and

    • above which will multiply your stake by these odds (Works with
      nairabet and
    • How to know when and what big team that will lose

    • to a smaller team with large odd
    • How to predict the correct score of a match

    • (This is 95% accurate)

              These are just a few things you will learn from
      this book that will fetch you a lot of money.

      Before I forget, am using an email system to
      deliver this package for all those that purchase the eBook because I frequently
      update my subscribers on new stuffs that works out of the box, so when you get
      the manual, you get other mouth-watering offers from me from time to time that
      make your bank account grow with time.

      Now how much will all these cost me?

      Considering what am guaranteeing you in this profit
      system, its actually priceless. It just depends on how much you want to make.
      Think about it……having large amount of money in your bank and betting acoount
      and finally solving all those needs you dreamed about. How much will you be
      willing to pay for that?

      To cut the long story short, this No Barrier VFL
      Profit system with all the bonus package for your online success will cost you
      N5,000   N3,000 (you and I know that this is not the price for thisgold mine but a barrier to differentiate those serious about making money
      online and a mediocre.)

      Am definitely sure even a retard will make money
      from this system let alone you. Its like taking you by the hand and showing you
      the way so you avoid all the pit falls.

      How to Order

      Pay N3000 to the account below

      Account Name: Ukpabi Kingsley U

      Account Number: 0044125346

      Bank: GTB

      N/B: If you can’t find any GTB around you, walk into any bank around you that you bank with and tell them to help you do an NIP transfer.

      If you don’t make the money I promised you after using my vfl payment system in the guide (E BOOK), then I demand that you contact me to receive your full investment back.

       After payment,
      send a mail to
      vflengine@outlook.comor text
      07064596102 with the following details VFL or VFLProfit System”, your Name, teller number and your email(if you are sending a text massage). Oncethis is done, I will send you a mail with the email address that you will
      provide. All you need to do is to download my
      VFL Profit System E Book and gothrough it over and over again to make sure it becomes part of you. When you
      are sure you are knowledgeable enough to stake your money, proceed to
      Nairabetsite for a list of agents to fund your account. There is also an option to paywith your ATM stresslessly. The details of the agent I used last before
      developing my system after which I never had to deposit again are below.

      Account Name: Ezeh Prosper Makuochukwu

      Account Number: Contact me or any of the agents on Nairabet site for this.

      After depositing the amount you want, which I recommend N
      2,000 to 15,000 for starters and Larger sums for those that have been into any other form of betting before. Go ahead and call the guy with the number on their site but make sure you verify if his name is still on the site so he can fund
      your account.

       N/B: This system comes with 95% accuracy but must be followed stricly as i stated in my E Book



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      The New MTN Magic SIM will help you Cut down the Expense of Paying for Browsing.

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      Advantages of the MTN Magic SIM
      * No need for software
      * No need for VPN
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      Get these New International Simcards that can be used to Browse the Internet Free of Charge 24/7 (5 Months Guarantee)

      It's unfortunate that for the last few months, free internet browsing access in Nigeria has been sucking especially with our favorite MTN network. Since then, some free internet browsing cheat codes on mobile phone only work few hours from the time of discovery and its blocked. The same also keep happening on computer free internet browsing whereby some of our popular free internet browsing software(s) like Your-Freedom, Jap Jondo, Tor, etc have only worked for few days and finally blocked leaving everybody who wants to browse the internet free of charge on his computer disappointed.

      But then, this a Great News for you Guys: Thy New Simcards imported from South Africa which can be used to browse the Internet free of charge here in Nigeria on both mobile phones and on computer! These Simcards are from the Network operator in South Africa called Telkom, but the simcards have been reprogrammed by a Group of Experts in SA, and a result of, making the simcards to browse the internet free of charge here in Nigeria.

      To be honest, none of the free internet browsing connections in Nigeria now can be compared with the free internet connection gotten from the Telkom simcards. Like i said earlier, the simcards were imported from South Africa. The network experts in South Africa reprogrammed them to use MTN Nigeria in order to access the Data services anywhere in Nigeria Absolutely free of charge.

      These simcards are used to browse the internet free of charge on both computer and on phones. The sweetest part of it is that it doesn't need any configuration setting or any additional software to work with. All you need to do is to insert the simcard into your phone which you are using to browse or if you are using a MODEM, you will then replace the simcard inside the MODEM with the New Telkom Simcard that you will get from me. The next step is to establish a dial up connection to your computer system either with your phone or with a modem. When that is done, you have just succeeded in opening the free internet browsing doorway. All your browsers will be set to either Direct Connection to the Internet or Automatic Proxy Detection. The same thing applies to Yahoo Messenger and every other thing that needs Internet Connection on your System. (I repeat again, it does not need any free internet browsing software for it to work. it works just like a paid Internet connection, the only difference is that the simcard will offer you a faster and reliable free internet access without you paying any money to the Internet Service providers).

      The internet speed is tremendous. When using this simcard, you will be getting an internet/download speed of about 1MBS. This grants you uninterrupted 24 hours very fast free internet browsing connection. This sim can also be used to make calls when recharged with MTN Nig Credit; but it does not receive calls! With its speed and reliability, you can comfortably use it and watch TV channels free of charge on your computer (visit for more information on how to watch DSTV channels free of charge on computer systems and on mobile phones).

      Also, the same thing applies when you want to use it and browse the internet free on your mobile phone. No cheat code is required. You will use the Default configuration settings and trust me, you are gonna witness an internet speed you have never experienced before in Nigeria. It's even an added advantage to the people who stay in places that have 3G data access. That means more speed and more enjoyment. Just in case you forgot, browsing with this Simcard is Absolutely Free of Charge.

      In case you are interested in getting any of these Simcards, it will sent to you through either a courier service like DHL, UPS, EMLS, etc; post services/Nig Speed-Posts or any transport service of your choice like ABC transport, Peace mass transit/express courier, Ifesinachi transport, etc. But before this Parcel will be sent to you, you will have to pay for it; the cost is N5,000 if you are buying one simcard or N4,000 if you are buying more than one. The parcel will contain the simcard(s) purchased and a small manual just to help you in case you don't know to establish a dial up connection between Phone/modem and your computer.

      The payment will be made through the bank.

      So, if you want to pay for the simcards, just call me on 07064596102. Also, in case you want to see me in person to make some confirmations, just give me a call so that we make arrangements on how we are going to meet with each other.

      This International Sim card for free internet browsing on MTN is covered with 5 months guarantee. That means that nothing is going to happen to it, at least for 5 months, or even if anything happens to it, i will replace the service for you or refund you your money.
      This does not mean that the Sim card will stop working after 5 months, no, it will continue working.
      Also, am working on another Sim from Rep of Benin, which will be ready before the next two months. When these sim cards are ready, they will sent to all those that purchased this Telkom Sim card free of charge. This will serve as an update. I will not charge for it!

      Don't let this wonderful offer slip through your fingers; contact me now on 07064596102 and get your own Telkom Sim card.

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      Hello pals, hope you guys had a great week? I just wanted to introduce you guys to a new secret I discovered and have been using for a while now. You can actually browse on your pc with unlimited data e speed of light. On HSPA, I browse at an amazing speed of 500KBPS without any cost. You can as well enjoy this on your Laptop, Pads, Phones and other gadgets that can use Glo network. Its simple to configure and you can do it yourself except you are in my area and I do it for you personally. To get this, all you need do is call 07064596102 and you will start surfing in a matter of minutes.



      This is a new discovery by CHEATMASTER, i was amazed when i get to know this trick surf 2go free on etisalat NG even with 0.25kobo airtime and stil remain untouched.
      Guess you're anxious to get to know how this is done?
      Let's get it started....
      Note as the time of posting this updates, the tricks below is confirmed to be working perfectly.
      Note this can be blocked anytime unaware by your ISP.
      -Etisalat sim card(easy starter or easy cliq)
      -java CLDC 1.0 or higher support enabled device
      -A 2go mobile messenger apps which you can get from HERE
      After getting all that are stated above,
      CREATE A NEW Access point with the info below
      Access point Name> Etisalat Wap
      Access point>etisalat
      or you can as well request for this settings from your internet service provider by sending in a text message the word SETTINGS to 790
      Activate this access point as your default accesspoint..
      Now launch 2go messenger, and select the newly created access point then you are good to go.
      -2go version 3.0 or higher version is reconmended
      -it's advisable you try this trick with maximum of N1.00
      then you're good to go...HAPPY CHATTING!

      Get N3869.60 Airtime On Airtel Nigeria With Just 3 Steps.

      You wonder how to go about this?
      I couldnt believe this untill i tested it and it works for me.
      From my research, it works on all airtel sims.
      Note this is not a promo from Airtel Nigeria...
      It's just an hack cracked by CHEATMASTER.For long usage of this trick, ensure 100% privacy.
      Also note that as the time of posting this updates, the tricks above is confirmed working! And it can be block unaware by your Internet Service provider.
      Now to get it done!
      -Airtel Nigeria Sim
      -Minimum of N100 airtime {but wont be deducted}
      follow the steps below to grab N3,869.60 airtime on Airtel Nigeria Network.
      Step 1. Dail *447# and you will get a message which will be in this form ''WELCOME TO AIRTEL BIG FAMILY....."
      Note>you may get an error message repeatedly i.e system busy...but keep trying until you get it done!
      And have this in mind many users are trying this at thesame time.
      Step 2. Call any airtel line for atleast 60seconds then end the call
      Now dail *446# and ignore any response you get thereafter
      Step 3. Finally dail *123*9# to check your bonus airtime.
      You will get this that you have been given N3869.60 bonus to call any airtel Nigeria line.
      Then you're done!



      Hello, am here to tell you about the latest internet proxy software that allows you to browse the web free of charge in Nigeria. This free browsing software known as Indian web proxy is a very efficient tool that allows you to surf free of charge with the major telecommunication networks in Nigeria (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and ETISALAT). It is a java application and it is very tiny (about 1mb in size) but does wonders. It gets an average download speed of 30kb/s on gprs or edge and as much as 350kb/s on 3 or 3.5G.


      To browse free of charge with this software, you need the following
      1. The software itself, which you can get from HERE
      2. Java runtime environment. You can download it from HERE if you don’t have one.
      3. Jar fix which you can download from HERE
      4. Mozilla Firefox browser or any other browser of your choice. you can download Firefox from HERE
      5. A phone or usb modem
      That’s all.

      After downloading all the required software’s, copy the to your desktop. Right click on it, click on extract here. You should see a folder named indiawebproxy on your desktop. Open the folder, and double click on setup. If you did all this right, you should see a java application called indiawebproxy. Double click on it and click on settings it should look like the one below:

      log level(0-3) : 3
      max buffer size : 9080
      Http proxy host ip :
      ssl proxy Host IP :
      https server_443 IP :
      https server_8443 IP :
      https server_443 port : 420
      https server_8443 IP : 421
      http proxy port : 6050
      ssl proxy port : 6051
      (php)web server IP : for Nigerians let me know your country
      (php)web server port : 8080
      (php) file full URL : U will type ur purchased server here or created server by yourself
      organization proxy host :
      organization proxy port : 8080
      organization proxy user name : web or mms
      organization proxy password : web or mms
      Note untick the enable encryption
      then save and close

      N/B: if you need a personal (php) file full URL, you will have to contact me to get one that opens all site and is also very efficient and fast. For details on how to get the (php) file full URL, see below
      If you need the (php) file full URL, here are the price range and features

      S/NO     PACKAGE       DURATION                BANDWIDTH             PRICE (N)
      1.           LITE                 1 MONTH                     UNLIMITED               N 1,500
      2.           FULL                6 MONTHS                  UNLIMITED               N 5,000

      If you want to order for any of the above package or a special one, call 07064596102 for details on how to go about it to start enjoying unlimited browsing.